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Theatre of Dance. Theatre of Play. Theatre of Community. Theatre of Children.

Choreographic Miniatures’ Theatre BALAGANCHIK appreciates a child as a unique and exceptional nature. Sharing its creative energy with the children and the adults BALAGANCHIK grows professionally. As a creator and an exterior observer BALAGANCHIK consciously recognizes its own work as well as the creation of others.

Our Dance Theatre combines teaching, coaching, training, concert and cultural activities together. Different dance styles are learned here.

We try to teach a child how to listen to his body, how to realize in movement the unity with the surrounding world and with the people; to feel oneself as a part of the nature; and to to enjoy this unity with the world’s beauty.

By means of the shows and concerts we make our children understand that their work and their beauty are in demand.

The conditions in the Theatre help children to develop a cheerful attitude to the world.

There is a meaningful dialog between the child’s world and the professional world of adults.

We make our children healthy and physically perfect.

We educe and develop inborn abilities in our children.

About our Theatre

Choreographic Miniatures’ Theatre BALAGANCHIK

Year of foundation - 1999, March

Number of artists – 150

Age of artists – from 5 to 17

Repertoire – more than 50 classical, folk, modern dances/plays

Groups – 4 preliminary groups (4-6 years old), 2 junior groups (7-11) and 1 senior group (12-17)

In the Theatre we study:

  • Rhythmic;
  • Gymnastic;
  • Acrobatics;
  • Plastic arts;
  • Classical, folk and modern dances;
  • Folk and modern vocal;
  • Acting skills and scenic speech.

We take performances in different concert halls of Moscow and the Russian Federation:

the Concert Hall n.a. P.I.Chaikovskogo, the Olympic Village, the State Central Concert Hall ROSSIA, the State Kremlin Palace, the Cultural Center MAI and others. We participate in public holidays and take performances on open stages.

We members and prize winners of many International and Russian Festivals and Contests:

  • Permanent concert member in the Cultural Center HOROSHOVO;
  • Annual solo concerts with various program;
  • Annual concerts FIRST STEPS;
  • Participation in season festivals and contests in different cities of RF;
  • As a good tradition we spend our Summer Holidays in special camps in Russia and other countries.



Dancing in Sochi, 2011


Culture Center "KHOROSHEVO"




Children of Dandelions

The Concert  will take place in Marble Hall of Culture Center "KHOROSHEVO"

at 16:00 on 21st of April

You are welcome!

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The great aim of education is not knowledge but action

We agree with him and You?


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