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About our Team

Choreographic Miniatures' Theatre BALAGANCHIK

Year of foundation — 1999, March.

Number of artists — more then 150.

Age of artists — from 5 to 17.

Repertoire — more than 60 classical, folk, modern dances/plays.

Groups — 5 preliminary groups, 3 junior groups and 1 senior group.

In the Theatre we study:

  •  Rhythmic;
  •  Gymnastic;
  •  Acrobatics;
  •  Plastic arts;
  •  Classical, folk and modern dances;
  •  Folk and modern vocal;
  •  Acting skills  and scenic speech.

We take performances in different concert halls of Moscow and the Russian Federation: the Concert Hall n.a. P.I.Chaikovskogo, the Olympic Village, the State Central Concert Hall ROSSIA, the State Kremlin Palace, the Cultural center MAI and others. We participate in public holidays and take performances on open stages.

We are the members and the prize winners of many International and Russian festivals and concerts:

- Permanant concert members in the Cultural Center KHOROSHOVO;
- Annual solo concerts with various program;
- Annual concerts FIRST STEPS;
- Participation in season festivals and contests in different cities of RF;
- As a good tradition we spend our Summer Holidays in special camps.                                                                                                                                                                   


Culture Center "KHOROSHEVO"




Children of Dandelions

The Concert  will take place in Marble Hall of Culture Center "KHOROSHEVO"

at 16:00 on 21st of April

You are welcome!

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